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21 May, 2018


The health program in Chiapas is destined for students and professionals of medicine, nursing, ginecology, psychology, etc. in rural areas of Chiapas. This program is divided into two sections: - a volunteering program in the main hospital of Chiapas, consultations and primary health care for local patients and indigenous communities. - a volunteering program about sexual education.
25 January, 2017


This local organization has programs in the areas of Lima and Cusco and in some rural areas of the country, providing a formal education system for the children of the region.
25 January, 2017


If you are interested in volunteering as a doctor/nurse in Peru, this program may be of interest. Students or professional medical/nursing are needed to make visits to villages in rural Peru.

About Naimeya


  • Laia
    "My experience in Cuzco was great in every way and completely exceeded my expectations. The NGO from Peru made everything easier than I imagined it would be. They made it clear to me from the first moment that I could count on them for anything and that was the case, they were very attentive and organized group activities so that we had the opportunity to meet the rest of the cooperators both from our project and from others. The very cozy accommodation and the roommates also unbeatable, I have made good friends that I hope to keep. The Colibrí program was fantastic and I will never forget it. I went with a lot of insecurities because I have no experience dealing with young children and I wanted to do it well, but my fear passed as soon as I met them, both the children and the policemen and teachers who organized it. It has made me very happy to be able to collaborate with them and I can't stop remembering it... I remember the children a lot and I miss them a lot. I thought that three weeks would be long because it was my first time traveling alone and I imagined everything more complicated, but it wasn't and it was very hard for me to say goodbye. I fell in love with the city and with all the people I met. Cuzco is beautiful and I hope to be able to return soon because inevitably I have a thousand things to do and places to visit. For me it has been an indelible experience and of course I am very grateful to you for helping me organize everything and for your interest :) A hug"
    Peru - after school project - 2022
  • Vicky
    "The three months (more or less) of volunteering at Didi's orphanage in Jaipur have been one of the most beautiful and important experiences of my life (these are not conventional words or an exaggerated statement).   Even though my knowledge about the way the center works and the tasks I am going to perform there was tiny, I always felt very safe during the whole process of the trip preparation, thanks to the support of Naimeya, who also supported me with general recommendations and advice about India, the purchase of flights, contracting medical insurance, etc… Now, once I have lived through everything, I can say that I was lucky to have organized this trip through a conscious and transparent volunteering platform like this: only through it I was able to contact Didi's wonderful project in Jaipur, which would have been practically impossible for me to get to know without this mediation.   This small foster home, which currently hosts around forty girls between the ages of 7 and 18, is a real, true and courageous project that bypasses all the bureaucracy and the lucrative fund of so many other volunteer offers. It is not a project created to cover a need of the volunteer (camps, solidarity vacations ...), the volunteer is a guest in a real home, where he/she is received with the greatest hospitality in the world (something very common in the Indian culture), and coexists as a family member with them.   Obviously, upon my arrival I spoke to Didi about what was expected from me and we agreed on specific tasks as a starting point, totally flexible. Due to my abilities, I took care especially of the youngest girls, the fact of living three months in the house meant that I connected and lived with all of them. In the afternoons I was a teacher of a group of 4 girls who were studying the equivalent of 1st-2nd grade of elementary school: I assisted them in doing their homework, I helped them in preparing different exams (mathematics, computer science, natural and social sciences ...) and I taught them English. Didi attaches great importance to education and teaches her pupils that this is their true path of liberation and autonomy for tomorrow.   Apart from the afternoon classes, the other specific task that I developed was to tutor a group of 5 little girls and strengthen their hygiene habits. Apart from these daily tasks, the volunteer can collaborate here as he/she wishes and when he/she wishes. In my case, I also helped from time to time in the preparation of food, cutting or conditioning vegetables, cleaning common areas…   I have learned a lot from Didi and the girls. I loved their ability to invent games and their skills for manual work, as well as for doing hairstyles. We made greeting cards for each birthday, we made cutout dolls, and they loved to draw.   I only have words of gratitude and love for Didi and my girls. The house, in a humble neighborhood to the south of the city, is large and clean, three floors crowned by a bright roof terrace from that looks to the buzz of the city. As a volunteer I had a room for myself (shared in case more volunteers come), and a bathroom for me too, with hot water provided, which is accessed through a shared gallery. From the first day I was welcomed with the most sincere hospitality and the most sincere affection. They always made sure that I was comfortable, they made me special food without chili and Didi was always solicitous to help me in any procedure.   I believe that volunteering has been the best decision I have made so far in my life: I knew that the world could be more than the toxic spiral of work to accumulate money and pay a mortgage that we are sometimes forced to pay; I am infinitely grateful to Didi and the girls for giving me the opportunity to confirm this thought, as well as Naimeya, who made me knock on the right door, among so many false ones. Hopefully I can come back soon. I have learned so much from Didi and the girls… I have received so much, without why, without expecting anything in return. I am infinitely grateful for having been able to live these almost three months at their side, as one more didi."
    India - Childcare program - 2020
  • Susana
    "My volunteering experience was amazing. I collaborated on a project in a national refuge for marine turtles in Costa Rica. My daily tasks were the day and night surveillance of the nursery, the maintenance of the installations of the refuge, as well as helping in the night patrols and in the spawning of turtles. I had the chance to see the birth of a turtle nest and the subsequent release of the turtle’s babies (around 81 in total). It was common to wake up under the shouts of the hauling monkeys and to see the branches of the trees moving because the monkeys were passing by. We were visited also by a couple of coatis! Since the first moment I felt welcome by the group and we made an awesome team between the volunteers, the workers and the coordinator; it was so good that we were having the feeling of being in a family. The experience was so positive that I am sure I will repeat the next year as an assistant of the project. Two weeks is not enough!"
    Costa Rica - project protection of marines turtles 2018
  • Mateo
    "The experience was very good in general. During the month I have spent in Peru, I could learn a lot in the health centers where I was collaborating as a volunteer and I hope I have been helpful for them too! I worked in three health centers of rural areas; I realized general medicine consultation as well as ophthalmology reviews. During my volunteer service I was lodge in the house of Madam Sonia and they made me feel like home. If I had more days for holidays without any doubt I would have spent more time with them."
    Peru - Health program 2018
  • Ana
    “This volunteering experience has been one of the best experiences of my life that I would never forget. It wasn´t just the journey or the visit of a new country and a new culture, but it was more about the good feeling I had spending my time and what knowledge with the girls of the orphanage. From the beginning, my relationship with Didi and the girls was very special; they made me feel home, I could teach English following my own way, I had time to play with the girls and help in the daily maintenance tasks of the orphanage. I am not just happy about what I could offer but happy as well about all what I received. Didi was hospitable and many lessons were learned through this experience. When you see what others do not have, you start appreciating what you do have.”
    India - Orphanage program - 2017
  • Marta
    “I am trying to get out of my astonishment of what I experienced in Ghana in my two short weeks, and always remembering the good times I had there. I will repeat this experience without a second thought. The day I arrived in Ghana thinking that everything would be different but always believing that nothing could surprise me, I realized that I was totally confused. On the way to Ho, where I started my volunteer work, I was already involved in their lives and customs. The first day I went to the school and the orphanage and I saw the children, I knew that I would never regret having taken one of the best decisions of my life. I can assure you that they gave me much more than what I tried to give them. I never imagined that someone can pronounce my name and make me feel so special! Every smile and hug, that have been thousands, have exceeded all the expectations that I had. Thanks to Prince and his team who, at all times have been very attentive and let me enjoy much more than what was scheduled. The moments I lived in the villages with hundreds of children waiting to play were great, and without them, nothing was possible. Going down the street in an unknown country, thousands of miles away from your family and friends, and having the feeling of being at home is something inexplicable.   Again thank you very much for everything, without you nothing would have been the same. ¡Until my next trip.”
    Ghana - Education progam - 2016
  • Antonio
    "It has been a very gratifying experience and I cannot wait to repeat it!People are so friendly so we built a close relationship that made me feel like being in a small family. The education program is very well coordinated and I was able to work very well as an English teacher. The hostel is perfectly conditioned so the time you are there you feel at home, very clean and the breakfast service and dinners were excellent. In short, it has been an experience that everyone should experience at any time of their lives. Thank you for helping me in all the steps of this unforgettable experience, Until next time."
    Tanzania - Education program - 2016
  • Ángel
    "The experience has been very positive in all aspects. I guess it was a bit of a different experience because it was just right during their vacation but it is also true that I had more time to spend with them. The treatment I received from the director of the orphanage, Mr. Krishna, was exceptional; He did not just help me when I joined the house, but during my free time as well and He got involved in showing me the city and explained to me a lot about the country.  It is an experience that I will recommend to my colleagues in case someone decides to carry out volunteering. My only problem was the fact of spending just 15 days since it is a very short time but I really want to thank you for your commitment and attention! without you I would not be able to carry out this experience. Thanks for everything Adriana!."
    Nepal - Child care program - 2015
  • Verónica
    "Volunteering has been the best experience of my life. It was very good and made me learn how to appreciate things that we do not value in our life. The organization could be improved for what we are accustomed but we must take into account that Africa works very differently and, therefore, you cannot expect it to be the same as here. The accommodation was very nice compared to the typical houses there, a 10! I would like to do volunteer work again next summer so we keep in touch Adriana, thank you very much for everything! "
    Ghana - Child care program - 2012
  • Fernando
    "The truth is that it went very well. When I arrived the Happy Home was ready, so we dedicated our time to arrange a room in the volunteers’ house in order to create a Day Care Center. Once finished, we opened it to take careof the children, and teach English for the ones that are not in school yet, and we were spending the afternoons helping the Happy Home´s children with their homework and playing with them. It has been a very good opportunity to know the culture thoroughly and share unforgettable moments with all the children. At first, everything seems different and even the living conditions can be hard but being in such a beautiful place and being able to help the children and enjoy time with themmake you feel home from the second day. Even if the purpose of going there is to help, but you can learn a lot as well from the way you live and feel; All in all it is a very positive experience that I recommend to everyone”
    Nepal - Community development program - 2016
  • Mireia
    "The experience has truly been unforgettable. The volunteering work that I have done was just enchanting. I was giving health workshops for children in different orphanages and I think it has served them a lot and served me since I was able to learn a lot from them. I was treated in a very nice way and the attention the organization gave us has been very good. Many thanks to you for helping me organize everything from the beginning. I have no complaints, everything went better than I expected. I'm sure I'll recommend it to my friends. "
    Perú - Health Program - 2015
  • Natalia
    “The experience was awesome! For me it was really good, from the volunteer work (it was what I was expecting, even something more, because for example we made exhumaciones of nidos, something new for me) to the experience of sharing and living with volunteers from others countries. The entourage of Camaronal is very wild and beautiful, it is fantastic… In general terms, the experience was very good. I helped in the conservation of the turtles, I have collaborated on the maintenance of the refugee, I have cooked for my colleagues,… even I left my print in the security house. Everything was as I was expecting, and it is an experience 100% to recommend. Many thanks Adriana!” 
    Costa Rica – Turtles Conservation Program (2013)
  • Elena
    "I got in touch with Adriana Terán and I processed my international volunteer work in India, I got all kinds of information and facilities for managing my visa, information about the country, etc. She puted me in touch with a local association and enrolled me in one of his projects at a handicapped children's center in Jaipur, as well as providing me with accommodation and all kinds of assistance both before my trip and during my stay in Jaipur. I have been able to enjoy this experience, with all the facilities within my reach and it has been totally enriching. Entering a place like India in my case, totally different from what we are accustomed both culturally and resource level, is to enter into an unforgettable experience, which I recommend to all people who are attracted to it. Thank you very much Adriana. "
    India – Educational Program (2012)