17 January, 2017
17 January, 2017
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“The truth is that it went very well. When I arrived the Happy Home was ready, so we dedicated our time to arrange a room in the volunteers’ house in order to create a Day Care Center. Once finished, we opened it to take careof the children, and teach English for the ones that are not in school yet, and we were spending the afternoons helping the Happy Home´s children with their homework and playing with them.
It has been a very good opportunity to know the culture thoroughly and share unforgettable moments with all the children.

At first, everything seems different and even the living conditions can be hard but being in such a beautiful place and being able to help the children and enjoy time with themmake you feel home from the second day.
Even if the purpose of going there is to help, but you can learn a lot as well from the way you live and feel; All in all it is a very positive experience that I recommend to everyone”