17 January, 2017
6 April, 2018
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“I am trying to get out of my astonishment of what I experienced in Ghana in my two short weeks, and always remembering the good times I had there. I will repeat this experience without a second thought.

The day I arrived in Ghana thinking that everything would be different but always believing that nothing could surprise me, I realized that I was totally confused. On the way to Ho, where I started my volunteer work, I was already involved in their lives and customs.
The first day I went to the school and the orphanage and I saw the children, I knew that I would never regret having taken one of the best decisions of my life. I can assure you that they gave me much more than what I tried to give them. I never imagined that someone can pronounce my name and make me feel so special! Every smile and hug, that have been thousands, have exceeded all the expectations that I had.
Thanks to Prince and his team who, at all times have been very attentive and let me enjoy much more than what was scheduled. The moments I lived in the villages with hundreds of children waiting to play were great, and without them, nothing was possible.

Going down the street in an unknown country, thousands of miles away from your family and friends, and having the feeling of being at home is something inexplicable.


Again thank you very much for everything, without you nothing would have been the same. ¡Until my next trip.”