22 January, 2019
28 May, 2020
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“My volunteering experience was amazing. I collaborated on a project in a national refuge for marine turtles in Costa Rica. My daily tasks were the day and night surveillance of the nursery, the maintenance of the installations of the refuge, as well as helping in the night patrols and in the spawning of turtles. I had the chance to see the birth of a turtle nest and the subsequent release of the turtle’s babies (around 81 in total). It was common to wake up under the shouts of the hauling monkeys and to see the branches of the trees moving because the monkeys were passing by. We were visited also by a couple of coatis! Since the first moment I felt welcome by the group and we made an awesome team between the volunteers, the workers and the coordinator; it was so good that we were having the feeling of being in a family. The experience was so positive that I am sure I will repeat the next year as an assistant of the project. Two weeks is not enough!”